Legitimate Stuffing Envelopes For Cash Opportunities

By Stuffing Envelopes Guy | Feb 19, 2010

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Spot Illegitimate Envelope Stuffing Companies and Land With Legitimate Stuffing Envelopes For Cash Opportunity

Stuffing envelopes has been around since the 1950’s, this may not be as famous as it was before but it still exists. Before most postal offices and big offices are in constant search for workers, this is more convenient for them than hiring regular employees. Of course they get to pay minimal amount and makes the job faster for them since they can replace one employee with two or three employees. Nowadays, there are still a lot of companies that offers this kind of job, but the fact is that a lot of them are scammers. If you want to be a part of legitimate stuffing envelopes for cash job/opportunity then read on.

There are a lot of things that you need to know before you jump in and invest in this type of a business to avoid being scammed. The following are the things that you must look for when in search for the right company:

Tips on how to spot illegitimate envelope stuffing companies:

Tip 1 – No office address or contact numbers

If you want to know whether the company that you are interested in joining in is a fake or not then, that company must be with office address and contact numbers. If the company is without these, then you are assured that it is no good. They are only after whatever they can get from you (your service or your registration fees). Imagine working for hours per day, and when you’re finally done with your task you can’t get hold of them. Where will you get your pay? Who will you talk to if that happens to you? You might end up crying in the end instead of earning money. So, say no to companies like these.

Tip 2 – Asking for upfront payment in exchange for information

We all know that nobody in their right mind would make someone pay for information if they really want to hire that person. If you see this sign, then that company is simply after your money and is not even interested in seeing you again. So, do not entertain companies like these and find legitimate stuffing envelopes for cash opportunity that will give you information for free.

Tip 3 – Asking you to recruit others first before you actually earn money from it

Yes, it is normal to refer someone and actually get commission by doing so. But if the company that you are dealing with asks you to recruit others and wait for them to pay before you actually get paid is up to no good. If this is their tactic, then they must be illegitimate or only up to the fees. Avoid these kind of accompanies the moment they ask you for recruits.

It is not that hard to spot the illegitimate from the legitimate stuffing envelopes for cash opportunity, just be cautious and remember the above-stated tips to avoid being scammed. You want to earn money and not lose some. While you can, try to know more about what you want to get into before you decide to join them.

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